Issuer code Issuer name Address Total no. of holders
BMCD BAMCARD d.d. Sarajevo Džemala Bijedića 202/IV, 71210, ILIDŽA 7

Top 10

Issuer code Investor name Percentage with Voting Rights Total percentages Account Type
BMCD Qenta Technologies Group 69.4542 69.4542 Own
BMCD ASA Banka d.d. Sarajevo 30.0174 30.0174 Own
BMCD MIC REL, INC. 0.2710 0.2710 Own
BMCD PBS d.d. Sarajevo 0.1061 0.1061 Own
BMCD BTC, INC. 0.0768 0.0768 Own
BMCD Gospodarska banka d.d. Mostar - u stečaju 0.0519 0.0519 Own
BMCD DŽINALIJA ALEN 0.0226 0.0226 Own


Securities Registry in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina