Issuer code Issuer name Address Total no. of holders
PSPG PTG d.d. Goražde Višegradska bb, 73000, GORAŽDE 6

Top 10

Issuer code Investor name Percentage with Voting Rights Total percentages Account Type
PSPG TAK D.O.O. SARAJEVO 55.1076 55.1076 Own
PSPG OKOVIĆ HALIL 24.0647 24.0647 Own
PSPG OKAC d.o.o. Goražde 19.9142 19.9142 Own
PSPG GRASSO HOLDINGS, INC. 0.8002 0.8002 Own
PSPG AA KAPITAL BROKERS d.d. Bihać 0.0830 0.0830 Own
PSPG BAŠIĆ REDŽO 0.0302 0.0302 Own


Securities Registry in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina