Company profile

Securities Registry in the FBiH was founded in 1999, pursuant to the Law on Securities Registry ("FBH Official Gazette", no. 39/98, 36/99 and 33/04), as a Joint Stock Company.
The Registry performs operations of registration, safekeeping and maintenance of data on securities, operations of transfer in accordance with the law regulating issuance and trading of securities.
Article 2 of the Law defines that the Securities Registry performs operations related to registering, keeping and maintaining data on securities and transfer operations, in accordance with the law regulating the issuance and trading of securities. Apart from these operations, the Registry may also perform clearing and settlement operations, as well as operations related to that, upon receiving the approval by the Securities Commission.

F BH Securities Commission performs managing rights on behalf of the F BH Government, based on the share capital.

Registry's management, is, according to the Law on Securities Registry, composed of the director and deputy director of the Registry, who are appointed and replaced by the Supervisory Board of the Registry, upon the obtained permission of the F BH Securities Commission.

Registry's management:

Đure Obradović, graduate economist, Registry's director
Alma Klino, graduate lawyer, Registry's deputy director

Security Board of the Securities Registry in the FBiH :

1. Emina Sarač, President,
2. Stanislava Radivojević, Deputy President,
3. Željko Kordić, Member,
4. Esmir Krnič, Member,
5. Adis Jahić, Member,

Audit Board of theSecurities Registry in F BH :

1. Nermin Šahinović,
2. Karolina Klasan,
3. Božo Vukoja,

The Registry performs the following operations for securities issuers:

registration, safekeeping, keeping and maintaining data on securities;
making the list of shareholders and list of securities holders with the balance as of the day requested by the issuer;
making other reports as requested by the issuer;
services in case of changes in property status and in case of changes in securities due to conversion, securities denomination, merger and division of issuer's shares;
services in exercising the rights derived from securities (submitting data to issuers on securities holders, data on shareholders, who have the right to: vote in the shareholder meeting, payment of dividend, as well as other rights) and other, in accordance with the special contract.

The Registry performs the following operations for the securities holders:

keeping the balance of securities on securities holders' accounts;
transfer of securities based on applications for transfer of securities, submitted directly to the Registry by the security holder;

issuing certificates – statements and confirmations on balance of the securities account;
services in connection with keeping, on separate accounts, the rights of third parties on securities, of the lien, right of limitation of disposition, usufruct right and other rights;
iservice in connection with joint stock company takeover and conducting tender offer based on a special contract between securities holder and the Registry.

RRegistration of data on securities and securities holders, submitted by the company's management to the Registry, is done on the accounts of issuers and securities holders (investors).After opening of the securities holder's acccount, at the holder's request, the Registry issues a statement of the securities account. The statement of the account does not represents a security, but a cofirmation that the person to whose account the statement of the accoount refers, was registered with the Registry as a holder of securities stated on the statement. All data contained in the account of the securities holder are considered as confidered information, and only the account holder – investor, competent authorities according to the mandate proscribed by the Law and the Registry's authorised employees have the right to inspect the account.