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Takeover No. Issuer Code Issuer Name Offerer Security Code Validity date for the offer Payment Date Bid price(BAM) Class of the Takeover bid offer Date Accepted Volume Percentage of the issued volume
13/22 MGVS MAGROS-VELETRGOVINA D.D. Sarajevo AL-SHIDDI TRADING CO. LTD. MGVSR 22.05.2023 29.05.2023 150.00 OSNOVNA (BASIC) 30.05.2023 914 Vr papir | Top deset | Emitent | Značajni%
02/23 MLPB MLINPEK D.D. Bugojno A-BEST d.o.o. Travnik MLPBR 02.06.2023 09.06.2023 1.56 OSNOVNA (BASIC) 30.05.2023 37325 Vr papir | Top deset | Emitent | Značajni%