Nonworking days

National holidays are as follows

Non-working days in the Registry include: Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

Excluded days from Clearing & Settlement system T+2:

Clearing & Settlement system in the FBiH entails execution of the obligations under the Legal Affairs of the securities at the Stock Exchange and on other regulated markets in the next two working days (T+2) from the date of conclusion of the legal work, and day trading (T) is not calculated in two working days of execution of the obligations.

To carry out these obligations in the working days are not counted Saturdays, Sundays and days of national and religious holidays.

Non-working days in 2024
Saturdays and Sundays
Monday, 01.01.2024. (national holiday)
Tuesday, 02.01.2024. (national holiday)
Friday, 01.03.2024. (national holiday)
Monday, 01.04.2024. (religious holiday)
Wednesday, 10.04.2024. (religious holiday)
Wednesday, 01.05.2024. (national holiday)
Thursday, 02.05.2024. (national holiday)
Monday, 17.06.2024. (religious holiday)
Monday, 25.11.2024. (national holiday)
Wednesday, 25.12.2024. (religious holiday)